GIRLS' LATEST - spring summer 2020


Holidays start with the look: palm trees, beach parties, vintage inspiration and holiday moods for girls’ summer outfits.

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Flamingos, tropical atmosphere, fresh fabrics and freedom: girls are on the right track for a super cool summer.

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No such thing as too much denim: for a hippy-chic spring, to go to school while staying at home, to forever feel cool.

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The new collection of Sisley Young girls’ apparel aims for the best in glamorous, stylish fashion for little girls, too.
Polished outfits and original style, dresses with a contemporary edge: the Sisley Younggirls’ catalogue offers up a vast selection of high-quality dresses for girls and their moms that are cozy, practical and fun. A kid’s energy and cheer need to be harnessed and respected by the clothes that they wear. This is why Sisley Younggirls’ apparel is all about eccentricity, fun and trends. The word to live by is versatility, something that’s also always up on the latest trends: padded jackets with hood denim jackets, reversible sleeveless coats, knit dresses, rompers with skirts, jumpsuits and accessories for all types of apparel are ideal to pair with a girl who simply can’t sit still. The new Sisley Youngcatalogue adds an original touch to fundamental pieces, with vibrant, cozy dresses for unique, on-trend outfits at an early age.