Sisley was created in Paris in 1968, upon the presentation of its first denim collection.

As a matter of fact, it was conceived as a brand for denim and cotton, and in 1974 Benetton Group, grasping its true potential, acquired its exclusive commercial usage rights.

About Us | Sisley
About Us | Sisley

In the '80s, the brand and the original, unisex design behind Sisley collections paved the way for modern fashion trends, playing an integral role in contemporary lifestyle.

The cultural importance of the brand was most evident in Italy alongside the "paninari" movement, the embodiment of new places and cultures, an approach which would lay the groundwork for the brand's communication strategy in those years, such as the Sisley Travel Diaries.

About Us | Sisley

1996 was a groundbreaking year for Sisley's history: the logo was changed, taking a step away from the classic gold and garnet red which had put the brand on the map, moving towards a more elegant and refined logo with white text over a black background.

Renowned all over the world, Sisley campaigns in that period took form behind the lens of Terry Richardson, who gave life to potential ideas, creating a sort of "fiction" with a powerfully sensual component that was always softened and downplayed by an ironic edge.

Today, Sisley is a brand brimming in personality: sexy, unconventional and with a contemporary-inspired aesthetic that makes it stand out to the naked eye. Its collections reflect the brand's values, as they are always forward-thinking, seductive and with attention to detail, style and quality.

Starting in 2021, which marked its revamping, Sisley endorsed an ever more urban, rebellious and modern style, backed by communication and products built from an enticing mix of seduction, modernity and coolness.

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