Men's Outerwear

Urban style in all its forms: Sisley Men's jackets and coats interpret the metropolitan lifestyle with technical and functional models for the most dynamic, dry and comfortable fits for informal and refined looks, check patterns and cult inspirations for those who love iconic garments.

New Collection
3 Colors
New Collection
3 Colors


Faithful companions to dynamic lifestyles, where comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand, men’s jackets and coats perfectly interpret the concept of modernity.
Lightweight, versatile and protective pieces like puffer jackets, parkas, jackets and vests share the scene with bomber jackets, formal jackets and denim or leather jackets, for a modern, cross-cutting, eclectic wardrobe.
For the outdoors, between urban chaos and nature, technical jackets guarantee comfort, style and versatility, paired with jeans and winter jumpers or with joggers and hoodies.
For special invites or simply satisfying a desire to feel flawless, the suit jacket pairs with elegant trousers and regular fit shirts, while, under a twill coat, an oxford shirt peeks out and falls on top of a pair of chinos.
From trenches to bombers, the new Sisley men's collection offers endless outerwear choices for every season: winter coats and summer jackets, available in lots of shades and textures.
One of the most versatile matches is the overcoat with slim fit chinos and a short sleeve t-shirt, accessorized with moccasins and a leather belt; when thinking about summer and leisure, it’s impossible not to pick a jacket-shirt paired with shaded relaxed fit trousers and a printed t-shirt.