Men's T-shirts

They do not feel the passage of time and seasons: Sisley Men's shirts and T-shirts are worn 24 hours a day, alone or under shirts, cardigans or jackets. Printed they become messages to express your mood, solid colors are essential basic garments, whatever your style.

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Even if there are still doubts about name’s origin (according to some it’s an abbreviation for Training Shirt, while for others it’s the T-shape, referencing its short sleeves), everyone agrees that men’s t-shirts, with long or short sleeves, and the polo, are iconic, timeless pieces.
From the classic white t-shirts to the colorful ones adorned with writing, prints and embroidery, in the new Sisley men's collection you can find long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts and polos.
The basic men's v neck t shirts, and the printed or embroidered ones, are perfect for sending messages, having fun provoking, sharing moods. In winter, men’s t-shirts are worn under shirts, cardigans and jackets. In summer, on the other hand, t-shirts and short sleeve polos are at the fore, stars in the coolest, most comfortable looks: light up your outfit with a solid blue t-shirt paired with skinny fit jeans or pick your favorite among slim fit printed t-shirts and wear it with bermudas, sneakers and striped socks.