Boys' Accessories

From shoes to caps, Sisley Young Boys' accessories keep the level of coolness high for boys, who enjoy choosing the most original and fashionable. Patterned hats can add a bold touch to any look, scarves and caps are always a winning combination, boots are a cult that never fails in the top lists of all generations.



Boys love freedom. They don’t want superfluous items. They often choose simple, comfortable looks, made up of just a few pieces, without sacrificing style and fashion.
Sisley’s boys’ accessories are the exception confirming the rule.
Hats and caps, shawls and gloves, are not thought of as simple complements for the outfit, useful for warming up or protecting themselves against the elements, but are stars, strategic elements in boys’ looks.
Sneakers are the must-have kids’ shoes for every season, from low-tops to sock-sneakers: always on the hunt for the latest models. Boys pair them with everything, from trousers, to jeans and bermudas.
Scarfs and wool caps, keffiyeh and micro mesh hats for summer, are some favorite pairs of accessories, worn with padded jackets and coats or t-shirts and light jackets.
Boys’ accessories in Sisley Young Collection follow fashions and seasons, multiplying models and colors according to youth tastes: original two-tone fabric sneakers and fun patterned hats accompany heavy-duty boots and low-top sneakers, must-haves for every collection.