Men's Puffer Jackets and Coats

Lightweight and airy, Sisley men’s padded jackets are perfect for the changing seasons and for more casual city looks.

2 Colors
2 Colors

Puffer Jackets and Coats

Appearance and comfort lead the way in Sisley men's padded jackets, featuring high performance and versatility. Between its solid looks and incredible utility, the men's padded jackets from the new Sisley collection always have a need, making it a great piece to always have by your side, even when the season changes. A dynamic lifestyle and active spirit that accompany the contemporary man have led to the Sisley padded jacket as great for both work and free time, paired with jeans and sneakers or slim fit chino pants and lace-up shoes. A classic in urban style, Sisley men's padded jackets make even unpredictable changing temperatures of fall a fun time to embrace in style.