Men's Ties

Essential and refined menswear accessories, Sisley’s ties round off the most elegant looks with classic taste or contemporary flair.

4 Colors
4 Colors


The art of knotting a tie around his neck is an undisputed sign of masculine elegance: a gesture that has become daily for many, for others a moment linked with special occasions.

An essential accessory for the most formal occasions, Sisley's ties are easily paired with shirts, jackets and vests from the new fall winter collection, even for more light-hearted and daring outfits: just choose a pattern and the right not and ... you're done.

The same applies to Sisley's bow ties, an essential if you're wearing a tuxedo: they can also be used every day for original looks as an alternative to the tie or with a retro flavor, to stand out with style or simply to add a chic touch to your outfit.