Women's Short Sleeve T-shirts

Foil prints, stripes or solid colors for Sisley women’s short sleeve t-shirts, essential for informal looks, but also for glamorous occasions.

6 Colors
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6 Colors

Short Sleeve

It's the easiest item to wear for a comfortable look that's always in-style: the t-shirt is an icon in unisex clothing, the object of many reinterpretations, restyles and continual transitions.

Sisley's t-shirts for women are an essential element to round off a wardrobe that's in-step with the times: from classic crew neck models, embellished with raw cut finishes, to t-shirts with logos, in the new Sisley catalog each model is designed to suit a varied dress code. The wide selection of printed t-shirts from Sisley's new collection of clothing for women allows you to wear romantic, clever or abstract patterns, depending on your mood and outfit, transforming Sisley's t-shirts into real, wearable messages.