Women's Joggers

Sisley women’s joggers can go from sporty to trendy in a heartbeat, as they are comfortable, versatile and easy to match.



Although originally intended as athletic pants, they are now a main-stay for all seasons: Sisley women's joggers are a concentration of comfort and style that's hard to resist. Easily recognizable with the classic drawstring at the waist, the joggers from the new Sisley collection stand out for their extreme versatility and urban character: from the textured cady model with the side bands and elastic at the bottom to the viscose ones with the tone-on-tone viscose ribbon, the athletic inspiration leaves room for new chic and feminine details, which expand their wearability. Paired with cropped biker jackets, frayed jean jackets and short padded jackets, the joggers from the new Sisley collection are perfect for informal occasions and leisure time; with super feminine tops and accessories, they're also ideal for chic appointments.