A sea of writings, prints, logos and sequins to dive into: Sisley Young's Girls' pullovers and cardigans are a full immersion in the street style that girls are inspired by, including cropped sweatshirts, urban colors, graphic sweaters and glamorous details, charming and sporty trend models.

2 Colors
2 Colors

About our Jumpers & Cardigans

The new Sisley Young Girls' catalog is designed for only the best in fashion with chic, versatile and performing garments. If you are on the hunt for an alternative to classic sweaters, go with Sisley Young pullovers and cardigans, must-haves for the wardrobes of young ones.
Lurex and striped sweaters, sweatshirts for any occasion: the new Sisley Young Girls' collection offers high quality materials, functional design and a perfect fit. Sweatshirts with embroidered sequins and printed text combine with the flair of our girls, pairing seamlessly with new trousers, skirts and all other news in the Sisley Young girls' catalog: choose the unconventional and contemporary outfits from the Sisley Young line, for a style that will never cease to amaze.