Girls' Outerwear

Much loved by girls, Sisley Young Girls' outerwear combines the latest trends with cult trends that drives every generation crazy. Coats, jackets, bombers and jackets for Girls focus on feminine and glamorous details, trendy models and seasonal colors alternating with the iconic black.



For every look, girls are looking for trendy pieces to stand out and recognize themselves: girls’ jackets and coats are the main calling card for youth style, in their free time, at school and for every occasion when outerwear is fundamental.
Seasons and models change. Padding, colors and textures vary, but the DNA of Sisley Young girls’ coats, blazers and girls’ jackets don’t change: inspired by street style, they speak about girls’ free spirit and originality, girls who love mixing femininity and functionality.
Bright colors and extra softness for Sisley Young padded jackets, a real must-have among winter coats and jackets in the colder months, worn over leggings and sweatpants, jumpers and sneakers, but also with jeans, oversized sweatshirts and heavy-duty boots. The girls’ black jacket plays a fundamental role in the new generation’s wardrobe: for perfect urban style, bombers, denim jackets, leather jackets and total black coats are must-haves.
Girls, always attentive to new arrivals and current trends, can find inspiration everywhere for combining jackets and coats in the new Sisley Young Girls’ Collection.