Girls' Accessories

Impossible to rank: Sisley Young Girls' accessories are all in pole position among the preferences of the coolest girls. The trendy motifs for hats and scarves to be worn together or in mix & match, the double portability for shoulder bags that turn into clutches, neutral shades and bright colors for tone-on-tone or contrasting looks, win over even the most insatiable girls.



Distinctive elements, delicious, fun and trendy details, useful accessories to complete the looks: girls’ accessories serve many functions, and there are tons of items to choose from.
Hats, and caps, gloves, shawls, belts, and also bags and backpacks, and girls’ shoes for those who love fashion and latest arrivals, who want to feel unique and original.
Among Sisley Young’s hottest girls’ accessories you’ll find wool hats and scarves, maybe with pom poms, soft and silly. A printed faux fur hat and scarves for being noticed. Laced heavy-duty boots. Girls’ crossbody bags.
In summer, girls prefer feeling free and light, opting for scarves and keffiyeh: in the accessories catalog for the new Sisley Young Girls Collection trendy colors alternate with black which is always the coolest color in every season.
To face the city’s cold, padded jackets, sweatpants and sneakers aren’t enough: caps, gloves and scarves for girls are the final touch for warming up the look. When it's time for tops and t-shirts, shorts and sandals, the over-the-shoulder handbag or the transparent clutch, perfect even at the beach, is the chic detail.